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What does Google Hotpot mean for other location businesses?

Yesterday, Google launched an early release of Google Hotpot - a location-based recommendation engine “powered by you and your friends”. Several of the ideas we have advocated over the years are implemented in Hotpot (e.g.: quick in-place ratings; getting started by offering a selection of places to rate) and more are likely to come.

Google is moving fast into the location space, becoming more than just a simple search engine that filters data from third party services. With Hotpot, Google becomes a much more serious content creator contender as it makes it much easier for people to rate and review places. Most importantly, Google sees that delivering personalised recommendations will motivate users to contribute to Hotpot and add their friends. And soon Facebook will likely follow suit.

This a serious threat to local business review websites, checkin services and travel sites, which makes the adoption of personalised recommendations more important than ever. Maximising the value and uniqueness of your site content is becoming a must in order to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. It is also key to increasing customer loyalty and brand recognition.

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