LikeCube uses two types of data

  • Meta-data (categories, attributes, tags, etc)
  • User activity (ratings and reviews, checkins, buying history, wishlists, searches, click-stream, etc)

We can personalize your site using any combination of the above data. This means solutions like:

  • When a user searches for a type of product (eg romantic hotel in Paris), return only products that LikeCube's algorithms estimate your user will like.
  • Allow users to find new products based on what they have liked before (a restaurant in Paris similar to a favourite restaurant in London).

These are just two examples of a whole set of possible applications our algorithms can deliver using your data as follows:

  1. You contact us, we assess your data and your needs and then suggest what solutions best suit your site.
  2. To integrate our solutions you will just call our hosted service from your website using our REST API. Our API is well documented with examples and the integration is usually done within a few days.
  3. We access your available data using the same REST API. You load your data, or, if you prefer, we can take care of this step for you. We ensure your data remains synchronised.

No software will be installed on your site and we take care of:

  • Hosting
  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Performance

You pay based on usage, with volume discounts and low entry cost.