LikeCube transforms the user experience of your site - making search meaningful. You know the need for User Generated Content (UGC). You want to turn passive visitors into active users. You know the more engaged the users are, then the more you deliver value and the higher the conversion. So why isn’t it working? UGC is either too scarce to be of any use or overwhelms your users’ choice - creating high bounce rate, low conversion and return, and a risky over-reliance on search engine optimization (SEO) for most of your traffic.

The need to make your site - and your offer – personalised, positive, targeted and relevant, with engaged and active users, is the opportunity that LikeCube provides. We turn UGC to your advantage and reduce how much you rely on SEO – delivering solutions that become even more crucial as you take your site to the mobile.

We provide solutions for:

  • passive users – to get similar items and personalised search
  • turning passive users into active – via immediate recommendations
  • active users’ reward – highly personalized recommendations
  • sites with no UGC - a unique cold-start offer based on semantic similarity 
  • newsletters – personalizable via our API
  • business customers – via highly profiled data intelligence

See our datasheet for hotel sites.